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Nancy Surhoff

About me

Nice of you to take a look at my website. I am Nancy Suurhoff, 49 years old and I have a love for all animals, especially the Pomeranian breed.

More than 10 years ago I got my first Pomeranian and then I still had my own company in fashion. As more and more poms were added, I decided that I wanted to maintain my dogs myself. In 2019 I sold my business in fashion and took several courses abroad in the care of Pomeranians. Together with a colleague, I even had the best Russian dog groomer (aimed at Pomeranians) come to the Netherlands for a 3-day course here.

I am also certified secondary vocational education in keeping dogs and cats, which means that I can take care of all animals and practice everything that has to do with animals. I also have a UBN number, which is necessary if you want to breed a litter yourself. I really breed purely as a hobby out of my love for Pomeranians and therefore only occasionally when we have a nice match with one of our stud dogs.

Since 2021 I have joined forces with my colleague Melissa Tuinier from Real Gypsy Poms to strengthen each other. Because of this we now have 3 beautiful stud dogs, who are SM/CM-free and Patella free. Our stud dogs are also available for the right female. We fully support our coverage and we help each other where necessary.

This is how I spend all day with the dogs and I can say that they are really my children.

Love, Nancy

Nancy Suurhoff Goud Zuid


Goud Zuid

Wellicht ken je mij van de Net5 realityserie ‘Goud Zuid’, waarin je een kijkje kunt nemen in mijn leven met natuurlijk mijn hondjes!